3 Essential Elements of Gold and Diamond Jewelry Appraisal

a diamond held within tweezersNothing beats the feeling that comes with the ownership of high-end jewelry pieces. While many wants to own one, there might come a time that you no longer want a particular jewelry piece you have for one reason or another.

Rather than throw your gold or diamond jewelry piece to the back of your closet, sell it to jewelers in Utah for a tidy sum. But before selling your piece, AAA Jewelers recommends that you have it appraised, so you don’t sell it for less than its fair market value.

Here are the primary details included in your appraisal:

A Detailed Description

A jewelry appraisal always comes with a proper and detailed description of the piece, including its color, size, brand, and any unique identifiers. This description helps both you and your buyer determine the actual price of your piece.


Most appraisers include a picture of your jewelry piece. Though not a requirement, the photo serves as a proof of ownership in case the piece gets stolen or lost. And by showing to your buyer that you have a photograph from an appraiser, you prove to your buyer that the piece you sell isn’t fraud.


The value of your gold or diamond jewelry reflects the current market value. Some appraisers inflate the price, but this makes it hard to get a buyer for your jewelry, and it may also affect your settlements and premiums. It is crucial to get an honest appraiser because an inflated price can make potential buyers think you want to overcharge them.

Selling precious jewelry pieces isn’t that easy. With an appraisal, however, you are assured of getting the best price for your gold or diamond piece. And here’s one last tip: there may be many potential jewelry buyers in your area, but look for jewelry wholesalers, as they typically offer the best prices.