3 Facts You Need to Know When Designing Custom Packaging Labels

woman designing brand labelDesigning product labels and packaging may seem hard for an ordinary businessman, but there are ways to make it simple. Of course, it would be best to leave the job to the experts who have studied it and have been in the industry for years. All you need is to at least have an idea what they’re talking about. For anyone who wants to create custom packaging labels, for instance, here’s how you can ensure that these labels will be effective:

Choose the right material

Choosing the right material is important, as some of them don’t work well with laser inkjets or other machines used for printing labels. You should also ensure that the material is sturdy enough to resist additional stress without distorting the image quality. This is because there are regulations on symbols used on packaging that businesses need to follow, and one of them is the ISO 780 “Pictorial Marketing for Handling of Goods.”

Keep things simple

Although it’s always ideal to stand out from the rest of the competition, too much of it can overwhelm your target audience and could even turn them away. According to Envato Tuts+, simpler designs can make labels look clean and sleek. Moreover, it’s much cheaper to produce, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

Select the best design printing process

Choose from several printing processes, such as foil labels and digital labels, and make sure that they’re the best that suits your needs. HD digital printing is one of the most popular printing techniques these days because of its flexible and affordable approach. Don’t forget that the right printing technique will suit the material you have in mind.

Choosing the right label is a great way to present your products to your target market. Ensure that you only work with a reliable company to deliver the results you’d expect. You may want to check reviews or ask a few of your friends for recommendations.