3 Types of Adult Day Care

A doctor consulting a patient in a day care centerSimply put, adult day care is a service made available to ensure that senior adults receive the care they need in a safe, friendly, and warm environment instead of a caregiver. Typical, adult day care centers are open during the weekdays with normal business hours.

Some cater to seniors even on weekends, some even offering extended hours services. If you are looking for one for your aging members of the family, here are three basic types of adult care centers available in Lehi today.

Social adult day care

As the name suggests, this type of adult day care focuses on social interaction among patients. They help enrich the lives of seniors through a series of social activities such as arts and crafts, musical entertainment as a group, brain games (bingo, chess, and checkers), light exercises, and local outings.

Apart from the social activities, this type of adult day care also focuses on providing the participants with nutritious meals, health services (blood pressure checks, vision screenings), and counseling.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s adult day care

This type of adult day care focuses on senior patients suffering from types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. The activities here are tailor-fit for older adults who have cognitive challenges, enabling participants to work on their functional abilities in a safe setting.

They also call this type of adult day care as specialized adult day care.

Adult Day Health Care

Also called ADHC, this type of day care specializes in three factors: occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Seniors who are suffering from health conditions such as confusion, stroke, isolation, and other physical and environmental conditions meet other people in a safe and welcoming environment.

Compared to the social adult day care, this type has activities that focus on therapeutic and medical aspects of care.

The right adult day care can provide your aging loved ones specialized attention and social interaction that they do not always get a home. Consider looking into these options if you want to relieve your family members some of the caregiver duties during the week.