4 Reasons to Use Planters in Your Garden

Natural Garden AntiquesOver the years, using planters to grow edibles and ornamentals has become increasingly popular throughout the world. Container gardening helps farmers transcend time and space constraints, letting people garden anywhere all year long. But these benefits are only the beginning. Here are four more reasons to use Tuscan clay planters if you are into gardening.

They are ideal if you don’t have a large outdoor space

Many people do not have the luxury of large outdoor space. Using containers helps them overcome this problem as these containers can be placed on balconies and windowsills, adding more space for you to grow your veggies.

Planters help overcome the weed problem

Growing food outdoors in the ground presents some very challenges, one of which is the weed problem. Typically, the seeds of weeds are everywhere, and unless you prepare the ground well, weeds may soon overrun it. What makes container gardening so attractive is that it is easy to notice weeds and control them.

Planters make it possible to bring your garden indoors

No one can deny the allure of having some lush veggies and fruit trees growing right inside your house. Planters make this possible, provided you have sufficient light entering your house. And even if you didn’t have natural light getting inside, you may still use other artificial lighting options to make your plants thrive indoors.

Planters help you conserve water

Plants growing in the ground usually use up more water due to evaporation and loss of water to the surrounding soil. On the other hand, plants that grow in containers require much less water, as there’s generally much less evaporation.

As time goes on, planters will become more and more common in homes around the world. With all the benefits that they provide, it’s not difficult to see why gardeners find them irresistible.