A BSN Program in a Nutshell

The BSN program is a well-sStudent Studyingtructured, four-year degree course offered at university level. The competition to get into this course is stiff. The students need to have a good GPA to begin with. Their application package, apart from their application form, should contain a personal statement of purpose and at least three good recommendation letters.

The Roseman University of Health Sciences outlines below what aspiring students should expect from a BSN course.

The Course Curriculum

As mentioned earlier, this is a course created to produce nurses, and qualifies and trains them so they can discharge medical and health care duties correctly. The students who earn this degree can take the national level NCLEX-RN test to get licenses to practice as registered nurses.

Good Job Prospects

The demand for registered and licensed nursed at home and abroad is high. In recent years, job opportunities for registered nurses have increased, so these students can find lucrative positions as soon as they graduate.

They can get employment in schools, nursing homes, hospice centers, doctor’s offices, government agencies, home care centers, to name a few. With little experience, they can also become eligible for management positions at various health and specialty care centers.

Master’s Degree

These students also qualify to take up more specialized and advanced training to enhance their career prospects. This degree is a prerequisite for the master’s degree in nursing or MSN. This is also a prerequisite for nurse practitioners schools, whose certifications are better than the status of a registered nurse.

With an MSN degree, teaching positions at colleges also open up for these students. With a master’s degree, they can also go in for further specialization in specific fields of their choice.

Thus, with a bachelor’s degree the student have a very bright future, and have the privilege of entering the noblest profession of nursing.

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