A Gas Fireplace: The Best Feature to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

fireplaceIt is time to add something grand and warm to the household. A fireplace is just the thing that is going to make a difference in your home this winter.

If you have crossed out “electric fireplace” from the list, then one that uses gas as it is the best option. Gas fireplaces are famous for efficiency and consistently good performance. Comfort Solutions, a company that offers gas fireplace installation in Salt Lake City, explains why.

A practical option

Here are numerous hearth products in the market today, with a vast array of styles. Wood fireplaces used to be the top choice, but if your main concern is long-term performance, you must cross that out for your list as well. Instead, listen to what fireplace retailers are saying about gas-fired products.

The installation cost of wood and gas units are not too far apart when you compare expense, but there is a huge difference between the amount of control you have and the heat output.

Ventilation considerations

With a new fireplace that uses gas as the fuel you have the means to control the amount of heat that gets in the room. Moreover, you can ignite the fire quickly and immediately. Gas-fueled models are versatile and flexible.

Nevertheless, there is one aspect of the operation requiring attention — ventilation. Routing venting is one of the most important considerations when you plan a gas fireplace installation.

Direct vent installation

When we asked fireplace installation experts for advice about ventilation, they would steer the conversation to the benefits of direct-vent gas fireplaces. This appliance features exterior exhaust without the necessity for a chimney.

A special vent that runs through the wall and out the exterior of the house is the only requirement for ventilation. Don’t worry about fire safety. Manufacturers of direct ventilation models have this issue covered. Of course, proper installation and maintenance ensure the safety of the household.

Enjoy the warmth of an open fire in your home this winter. Are you ready to choose an appliance today?