A Touch of Luxury in Every Room: Where and How to Indulge in Your Newly Bought Apartment

ApartmentSo, you’re thinking about getting a luxury apartment. You’ve finally saved enough to get the home of your dreams, and you want it to look as stylish and functional as possible. Buying the home itself will cause you a lot of money, but you don’t have to spend as much in decorating your space. There are just a few things, however, that you should splurge on to feel like a million dollar.

Let this simple guide below from PointCorp help you:

Living Room

First of all, this space is called as such because it should be used for living, not just watching TV. Turn this room into one of the most enjoyable areas in your home by adding a few just-for-you treats that would totally make you feel good after a busy day at work. It could be a scented candle that keeps you relaxed, a cute tea kettle and tea cup set for your daily craving or perhaps a stylish little boombox to enjoy your favourite music.

Dining Room

Get yourself some really comfy seats. Dining room chairs tend to become very uncomfortable after you’ve sat on them for a while. So, spend a good amount on a new set of chairs that won’t make you want to leave your seats even after you’ve finished your meals. If you can’t buy a whole new set, add softness to the seats with sheepskin throws. You can also DIY some cushions in them.


The secret is in the sheets! Get the most comfortable ones you would enjoy diving into, sleeping in all night and hate having to crawl out of. Remember, good sheets aren’t reserved for luxury hotels only. You can find affordable yet comfy sets for everyday use.


Whether you’re into baking or stocking some of your favourite sweets, display all your favourite consumable treats so that when you do indulge, you’re actually celebrating it, and not sneaking it out of a package and bringing it to your bedroom. Displaying them intentionally may seem like an anti-diet plan, but it can actually work the opposite way.

Finally, for your bathroom, turn it into a spa-like space by having all your favourite products lined up in their fancy little bottles.