Alternative Transportation for Short-Distance Travels

a female athlete using a bicycleAccording to statistics, over 269 million vehicles were registered in the US by the end of 2017. Evidently, as the economy rises, people can now own cars.

This, however, has led to massive traffic, especially during rush hours. Alternative modes of transport are therefore a welcome development for many. Find out below other ways to get around.

1. Bicycle

You can modify bicycles to fit an entire family. A good cargo bike company, such as, can help provide you with specific additions to facilitate more people or enough space for a load.

Bicycles are a good alternative when you want to head to the market or when taking your kids to the park. They keep you fit and simultaneously get you where you need to go.

2. Scooter

These are pocket-friendly and efficient for shorter travels. There are a variety of scooters available. Such as electric scooters, motorized scooters, and manually propelled scooters. With a scooter, you can be sure never to sit in traffic. Manufacturers make scooters to fit two people.

3. Walking

Not everyone thinks of walking as a way to get anywhere. Walking, however, is a healthy transportation alternative. Despite getting to your desired nearby location, walking is a good exercise that can maintain a healthy weight while keeping you fit.

For a fun experience, listen to music or take your pet with you while. Take a stroll around your neighborhood as a leisure activity.

The modes above of alternative transportation are just a few of the many modes available. Each one has its own advantage over the other, but they all remain sure ways to get you to your preferred location without the risk of getting stuck in traffic.