At Pool Level: Things That’ll Make You Want an In-ground Pool

In-Ground PoolIf you’ve been dreaming about your own swimming pool, chances are you have also put a great deal of time in saving up. But, now that you have the funding, you’re left baffled by the multitude of options out there.

According to, when installing a pool, you really only have two main options: in-ground and above ground. Going for an in-ground pool is very popular due to their appearance, strength and longevity. Most people feel more connected with a pool at a level ground to their entertaining area with no steps or ladders to climb. Above ground pools are cheaper and not so permanent. 

To help you choose, below is a list of facts about in-ground pools and why they’re a smart investment to make.

More Connected With Your Backyard Landscape

In-ground pools being a permanent fixture in your yard are more connected to your outdoor leisure space. Being at ground level makes entering and exiting the pool much easier for kids and adults alike. 

What Types of In-ground Pools Are Available? 

The type of in-ground pool you invest in will depend on your backyard space and access restrictions on your property.

Fibreglass, Concrete and Vinyl Liner all have their own pro's and con's. Fibreglass is very popular due to the quick installation times and less labour intensive installation process. They are available in many designs and colours.

It’s a Flexible Space Saver

There are a variety of pool shapes and sizes that will fit even in the most limited and awkward spaces. In-ground pools are available in such a wide range of designs that they will suit any backyard or front yard landscape.

Add Value To Your Property

People move out of their homes for a number of reasons. Their family has outgrown the current home or they have moved to a new workplace and need to be closer to their job to save on travelling time. Whatever the reason, knowing your pool investment has added value to your home makes the move that little bit easier.

In-ground pools are perfect for anyone who likes to keep things practical. For the fast-paced and sensitive economy of today they certainly add a little more fun and excitement to family time around the home.