Attending the Culmination: Divorce Court Decorum

Court RoomThe divorce process is a long and oftentimes a painful route that some couples have to pass through. Part of the process includes bickering and emotional distresses. But, now that you’re summoned by the court, you know that the road is coming to its end.

The procedure in the court is the culmination of the case, which is why Quinn Takarada P.C. says it’s important to give everyone an impression of resilience and dignity. The court is a place where rules are highly upheld and respected; this means you need to watch your words and your behavior.

Here are some things to keep in mind:


The attire doesn’t have to be formal or too dressy. Go for conservative options; don’t wear anything too sexy or revealing. Dress according to your claim. For instance, you can’t further your claim that you’re incapable of paying for child support if you’re sporting an expensive watch and donning a high-end suit.


Don’t speak if you’re not being questioned. When asked, maintain an eye contact; it will signify your conviction and respect to the inquirer. Be careful with your gestures, as they convey some subtle cues. If you don’t understand the question, ask the inquirer to repeat it. Otherwise, you run the risk of supplying answers that may prevent you from gaining the upper hand.

Pulling Yourself Together

Maintain a calm demeanor at all costs. Don’t make your negative sentiments too noticeable. If the decision of the court is not in your favor, try your best not to burst out. Keep yourself together until you get to some place where you can talk about it without any inhibition.

Most importantly, if you’re in a relationship, avoid bringing your new partner to the court. Doing so only creates an ugly impression and may even serve as a subtle insult to the other party.

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