Bamboo Flooring: The Most Promising Alternative to Timber

Bamboo FlooringWhy settle for typical flooring material for your renovation project? Bamboo is now one of the more popular alternatives to hardwood. Certainly, you do not have to spend as much money on this flooring material. It’s an attractive option because it possesses some of the most compelling attributes of natural timber — sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Arguably, bamboo flooring utilising low-emission glue is a one of the most sustainable flooring options in Australia today.

Bamboo on the rise

Bamboo grows very fast and reaches maturity in a short time. After all, it is a kind of grass. In three to five years, bamboo is harvested and used in various applications, one of which is residential and commercial flooring. They are easy to grow since bamboo regenerates naturally. As such, there is no need to replant. The versatility of this plant is rather astonishing. Aside from its use as a building material, it also provides food for people and animals.

Bamboo’s green credentials

Is bamboo really a better option than timber? You need to ponder this question while weighing the options. On the question of sustainability, some argue that timber remains superior to bamboo. They also cite the fact that some floorboard manufacturers use types of finish and glue which are not environmentally friendly. Although you have set your mind on bamboo floors, you must learn about the components of the product. Does it contain binding adhesives with low VOC emission rating? If not, then you are choosing a product that is not as eco-friendly as you thought.

Perhaps there is no way to settle these arguments now. What you can do is learn more about the bamboo flooring Perth suppliers like have in stock, and find out which products conform by current international environmental standards.

Bamboo is a viable flooring material if your main requirements are toughness, versatility, and sustainability. Find certified sustainable products. The Good Environmental Choice website is a good place to start. It’s a reputable labeling program. You may also ask for certified products with valid eco-labels. Beware of fake eco-credentials.