Blame Ryan Gosling for the Renewed Popularity of Tap Dancing

Learn how to tap dance Tap dancing is officially cool again. Tap dance teachers across the country are seeing more students in their classes, and they can blame Ryan Gosling for the renewed enthusiasm.

‘La La Land’ Phenomenon

Gosling starred in the musical movie ‘La La Land’ as down in his luck Sebastian, a jazz enthusiast. Alongside Emma Stone, who played an aspiring actress trying to break out in Hollywood, the couple tap-danced and sang their way into everyone’s hearts.

The movie was an instant hit with audience and critics alike, garnering the most amounts of Oscar nominations, tying with classics All About Eve and Titanic with 14.

The added enthusiasm of viewers to learn tap dancing comes from the authenticity of Gosling’s work. He had intensive dance lessons from an excellently trained instructor Arin Babaian, which showed his fierce dedication to his craft.

Tap Dancing’s Comeback

One of the most elaborate musical numbers in the movie is Gosling and Stone’s characters singing and tap dancing on the side of a road while the sun rises in Los Angeles. The widely advertised still from the movie comes from this scene.

While watching dance clips online is enough for some people, others take it more seriously. Shortly after the film’s release, beginner’s tap dance lessons begin to fill up. One teacher from New York said that from having only three people attending her lessons, all her classes has already sold out. She stated that ‘La La Land’ inspired a lot of individuals to be more excited about it.

Even in London, a dance instructor said that people who are taking up tap dancing used to want to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, an iconic dance duo from the ‘30s. Now they want to be Ryan and Emma.

‘La La Land’ will go down in history, not only as one of the movies with the most Oscar nominations but the reason behind the renewed popularity of tap dancing.