Breathe Healthy: 5 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor airUnlike the common impression, air pollution does not only happen outside your home. It can occur inside your home, too; sometimes, it’s even worse. You could put your family’s health at risk if you are not careful enough.

Cleaning Off your Indoor Air

The common air pollutants that permeate the home include dust that build up just about anywhere, fire retardants, and some volatile chemicals found on conventional home cleaners. Mattresses, furniture, and HVAC systems are also sources of indoor air pollutants. To keep your home free from pollutants and improve your indoor air quality, try the following tricks:

Clean your mattresses, carpets, furniture, and HVAC systems regularly. The experts in air duct cleaning in MN can help improve your indoor air by preventing dust buildup, controlling moisture, changing filters, and handling other important tasks. You must never skip this schedule because it is beneficial not just to your indoor air quality, but also to your home’s energy use.

Clean up. This is your best option. To make sure that air pollutants are in check, you have to keep the house clean. Mop your floors, remove clutter, and use a vacuum to suck up dust.

Minimize the use of conventional cleaners. Most chemical pollutants come from conventional cleaners that are solvent-based and have strong odors. You must stay away from these products.

Don’t smoke inside your home. Tobacco smoke carries countless indoor air pollutants. If you will forbid anyone to light up indoors, you can keep high concentrations of chemicals from polluting your indoor air.

Keep your home dry. Mold and other pollutants thrive in moist areas. You must control moisture by keeping your humidity level indoors between 30-50%. This way, you will be able to keep allergens under control as well.

These are just some of the many ways to maintain or improve indoor air quality in your home. Ask your residential cleaning service provider for other useful tips.