Brushing The Myths Away: Don’t Believe These 3 Dental Myths

Person Showing TeethAren’t you thankful that you have teeth? Without a sturdy set of pearly whites, you wouldn’t be able to chew food, speak clearly, or smile properly. This is why dentists exist and spend four years in medical school: to save teeth from decaying and getting loose.

When you were young, a trip to the dentist may have seemed scary, but this is just one of many myths surrounding these professionals. A dentist in Fredericksburg in Virginia helps present some dental myths that need to be busted.

Bleaching could weaken teeth.

People think bleaching could cause the teeth’s integrity to weaken, but this is untrue. Bleaching only affects the color of your teeth and not their health. This is why people do bleaching to get their teeth whitened. Nothing should go wrong with bleaching your teeth as long as you follow your dentist’s directions.

You should floss every day.

People assume that dental care frequently done is better. This could result in worse cases because flossing every day could inflame the gums. Make sure you floss only if you have food particles stuck in between your teeth, not because you just feel like it.

More sugar makes your teeth bad.

While this may seem true, it is a case of misunderstanding. Having more sugar doesn’t cause tooth decay, but having more time for it to stay on teeth does. The longer the teeth get exposed to sugar, the more it’ll get attacked by acid from sugar-loving bacteria.

Brush the myths away.

To conclude, dental care is essential because it leads to a well-maintained set of teeth. With healthy teeth, you’re able to eat, speak, and smile properly. Always remember to listen to your dentist and brush the myths away. This will let you know what’s right and wrong for your teeth.