Bucket List Hikes Around the World

a man on a hiking tripAre you always looking for an adventure in nature? If you are, then hiking is high on your activity and travel list. The world has plenty of places you should consider visiting, and alpenwild.com has a short list for those adventure seekers.

Annapurna Circuit

One of the many mountain ranges in Nepal, this trail covers more than a week and is beautiful throughout. The country has many of the world’s highest mountains, making it the Mecca for the adventurous. Annapurna has a well-known circuit that many guides and travelers have traversed. You’ll see towering and spectacular snow-capped mountains that will make your trip worth it.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is the famous mountain temple in Peru. The mountain ruins are famous for those seeking a spiritual experience. The most famous route to see the ancient structures is the Inca Trail. It can take a couple of days through mountains and beautiful countryside, but the entire trip is worth it.

The Dolomites

The Dolomites should be on your itinerary when exploring Switzerland. This mountain range of mountains covers more than 2000 trails for both the experienced hikers and beginners. There are small hotels, villages and attractions you can visit along the trail.

The W Trail

This trail in Patagonia got its name because of the shape it takes when you view it on a map. This route takes about five days to travel the Trail. It wends its way towards the southern end of Chile. The trip may be difficult, but your rewards include spectacular views of the craggy mountains, cerulean lakes, and stunning glaciers.

These are only a handful of the hiking trails you must add to your travel bucket list, especially if you’re a nature lover. Include these, prepare and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.