Burglar-Proof Your Business: Prevention and Security

Burglar-Proof Your BusinessStatistics show that only one out of six thieves is arrested. During the last ten years, a number of burglary cases have skyrocketed. Some burglars are even brave or unwise enough to raid in the same location twice.

With this growing menace, business operators and owners must do everything they can to safeguard their properties. They should employ 24-hour security, as well as take those much needed burglar-proof steps, says an expert from Cowley Security.

Lock the Thieves Out

Get a robust lock for your building to scare away a new burglar and to make it hard for an experienced thief. Lock experts suggest using a pin cylinder lock as it is one of the hardest to pick. Choose a dead bolt kind of lock that needs a knob or key to set it. You cannot open this kind of lock by simply placing a piece of celluloid in between the jamb and the edge of the door. This is a typical technique thieves use on locks that hold mechanically once the door closes.

Sound the Burglar Alarm

Pretty much an obvious protection against burglars is alarm. Yet, you should stick with the silent central-station alarm as thieves will not know what hit them. Instead of a resounding alarm throughout the whole building, this will alert the local police station or private protection agency directly. He will be unaware that the authorities are already informed and are on the way to catch him.

Place Bad Guys in the Spotlight

Having your light open inside and outside of your office is commonly effective. Ensure that all entryways, as well as large vents and windows, are filled with light to discourage any burglar. Use metallic and mercury vapour lamps that are almost impossible to break.

Prevent crime in the first place. Follow the basic techniques to protect your company.