Career Shift: Why Becoming a Paralegal Is a Great Option

Becoming a ParalegalHunting for a job can be taxing. With all the competition and the interviews you have to undergo, it’s easy to feel like you’re vying for a beauty crown –with unlimited competition. Thankfully, the prospects of a paralegal career seem brighter than ever, beaming hope to everyone.

Not only does it pay better, the paralegal industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Even more astounding, you can learn the ropes right from home. shares an overview of it.

Landing a Job

Being jobless and depressed are more connected than some people may think.

Gallup survey reveals that Americans who are unemployed tend to be twice as likely to be depressed compared to those with full-time jobs – 12.4 percent to 5.6 percent, respectively. However, those who have been unemployed longest – 27 weeks or more – have the highest depression rates, jumping to 18 percent. If that were not enough, not having a job has caused over 45,000 suicides worldwide, according to the journal Lancet Psychiatry Journal. 

In spite of this, things could be looking up taking into consideration the rise of the paralegal industry.

Bureau of Labor Statistics paints a bright picture for paralegals, predicting the industry to grow 8 percent from 2014 to 2024. Add in the substantial pay and becoming one may prove to be a worthy undertaking.

Smooth Transition

However, what could be the biggest come-on for anyone wanting to be a paralegal is the ease of entry, definitely true with online paralegal training available. Unlike becoming a lawyer where you need to invest years to become one, not to mention pass the bar, you can be a paralegal in as little as a few months without dropping your current job.

Moreover, with online learning, your journey towards a paralegal career has become a lot easier than before. Thus, you won’t have to bring yourself into the confines of a school just to learn, a perfect set-up for working moms and dads.

Now all that remains for you to do is to open your laptop to get your paralegal training started.