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Property Management: The Need for a Property Manager

Property management involves hiring a third party property manager to oversee and manage residential and commercial properties such as apartment complexes, condominium units, detached houses, and even shopping centers. Responsibilities of a Property Manager According to experts at Froerer Real Estate, the exact extent of the functions of property managers will vary depending on

Skills to Expect From an Expert Digital Marketer

Just a few years ago, you could distinguish digital marketers from a crowd with their ties and suits. Well, things have changed a lot nowadays and focus is now on skills one possesses. As this field is dynamic, the service providers must walk with the time. Clients are looking for specific skills today and

How To “Give Away” the Right Way

With hundreds of items available in the market, there are many promotional items you can choose from. From refrigerator magnets to key chains, ordinary citizens see and use these everyday things. The search for custom promotional products could be a daunting task. How can you utilise these items and make your consumers remember your

Nuclear Weapons Plant Employees May Be At Risk of Some Lung Conditions

Some workers labor not only for remuneration but also because their love of country is so deep that they are willing to face risks. In any workplace, there is always the danger of developing some ailment, from muscle pains to serious illnesses like cancer. In a nuclear weapons manufacturing plant, however, that risk is sometimes

Useful Business Insights: Save Money the Right Way

It is often a challenge for businesses to find new ways to make their operations run faster or smoother, while at the same time reduce unnecessary spending, delays and red tape. No business owner would refuse an effective way to save, but there are right and wrong ways of doing so. When trying to

More Than Just Magnetic: Why Fridge Magnets Are Powerful Marketing Tools

Nearly every household in America has a fridge magnet pinned on their refrigerator surface. These magnets do not just keep valuable information, such as phone numbers and messages, somewhere easy to see, but also serve as great marketing tools. If you’re looking for a unique way to encourage repeat business and increase sales, a

How a Translation Error Creates Problems for Your Business

When HSBC Bank launched a campaign, the original slogan was ‘Assume Nothing’. The translation in other countries became, ‘Do Nothing’. To repair the damage, the bank had to spend $10 million in rebranding. Translation mistakes cause more than miscommunication. In commerce, such errors lead to problems beyond the bottom line. Global Opportunities and Communication

3 Simple Ways to Overcome Your Cash Crunch Without the Stress

People go through cash shortages when bills pile up, from skyrocketing school tuition fees to unexpected medical bills to rent. As such, some people find ways to augment their income. Others try to access money in quick, but stressful ways. Financial needs are pressing, and can make you feel hopeless. But with the right

Perfect Partnerships: Finding the Right Dental Laboratory for Your Practice

As a dentist, a lot of your income comes from bridge work and fixed crowns. Having a good relationship with your dental laboratory can ensure you’ll receive quality materials to complete your work. Vision, Mission, Goals According to Castle Ceramics, partnering up with a private dental laboratory is not solely a matter of quality,

Interior Design Principles Retail Stores Should Use to Boost Sales

Have you ever wondered why a competitor store always has queues of customers, while yours is empty even though you sell the same thing? That store probably uses the power of interior design to lure customers in and make them buy. It may be hard to believe, that the layout of a store sure does