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Will used car prices in New Zealand rise due to “election effect?”

Owners of used cars in New Zealand may have a good reason to sell their vehicles, as prices of second-hand automobiles would increase due to the “election effect.” The increase would occur as sales of pre-owned cars would likely reach 1.2 million units for 2017, according to data from the New Zealand Transport Agency

Enjoying Nostalgia: Looking for Classic Cars in Utah

The Cache Valley Cruise-In attracts a particular type of car enthusiast, whose passion runs deep for automotive masterpieces of bygone eras: classic cars. The Cruise-In is a haven for owners of vintage, rare and unique cars to show off (sometimes sell) their passion projects. Projects, because a good chunk of these classic cars are

No Regrets: The Basics of Buying a Car

Buying a car is a major expense and something that you should think about carefully. A bad decision can mean hundreds of dollars down the drain and a lot of regret. This guide will educate you on the basics of buying a car so you can make informed decisions. Choose Between Second-hand and Brand

Build-to-Last: 4 Expert Tips When Building a Garage Area

Modern home designers are faced with the challenge of building functional areas with stylish twists. Every corner and space must not be left out, as it can make a huge impact on the aesthetic and market value of your property. This includes even your garage area. As compared to before, garage designs have improved

Three Ways to Negotiate When Buying a Car

Buying a car is a big investment that you have to prepare for financially. You must also do your own research to find out which car suits your needs, budget, and preferences. This way, you will be more knowledgeable when you finally visit car dealerships and find the best offer for you. One thing

Millennial Buyers: From Problems to Assets in the Automotive Industry

The automotive have had their hearts broken and mended in the span of a decade or more. The culprit? Millennials. Millennials broke dealers’ heart by being more interested in social media and their smartphones, but made a quick U-turn by being one of the biggest assets of the automotive industry after what seems like

Is a CPO the Right Auto For You? Find Out

Certified pre-owned cars are a good alternative to new highly priced cars for individuals looking for a cheaper auto option, but with a solid warranty. Most certified pre-owned cars for sale are as good as new though their pricing is relatively low. Furthermore, shopping for a CPO car is much easier than shopping for

Tame Runway Car Running Costs with 3 Clever Hacks

After mortgage, running and operating is the second largest expense of car owners. Some often skimp on importance repairs due to insufficient funds to cover the repairs. If you are struggling with high repair costs, consider making some adjustments that could help you save on gas and repairs: Slow down High speeds, hard braking,

Effective Ways of Dealing with Automobile Dents and Dings

Wear and tear, while inevitable, is also controllable. In the case of automobiles, longevity depends on their owners’ prompt response to damage — even the smallest ones. Unless you have never crashed or bumped into anything with your car before, scuffs, dents, and dings have definitely compromised the appearance and structural integrity of your

The Top Most and Less Obvious Reasons To Go for a Used Car

Shopping around for a brand new car? Before you go straight to a new dealership that only offers new models, you should consider opting instead for a used car. The most obvious reason is to save a lot of money, but there is actually more to it than just that. Aside from huge savings,