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Fridge Habits that are Bad for Your Health

Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. It is not enough that you buy your family fresh produce and healthy condiments; you need to ensure that you are keeping these food items in a well-functioning storage space. Here are things you might be doing wrong with your refrigerator that

CPR and Defibrillators: Helping Save Patients from Death by Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest is a serious condition that occurs when the heart stops pumping blood through a person’s body. In most cases, it is fatal. Administering immediate treatment, therefore, is crucial to the survival of patients who have suffered an attack. So, while cardiac arrest puts patients in a precarious situation, CPR and defibrillators can

Presenting the United States of Sandwiches

Believe it or not, the sandwich is the ultimate comfort food of many Americans, just like how pasta is in Italy. Though there might be slight differences when it comes to ingredients, spreads, bread, and sauces, Americans' love for sandwiches remains the same. As a proof to the country's fondness for this food, here's a

Forget Stews. Here Are Other Dishes You Can Make Using Beef Broth

Stews are great. Hearty, sure. But seriously, if stews are things you can make with a beef soup base, you simply must improve your list of go-to dishes. Here are other mouthwatering dishes you can make using beef broth. 1. The best gravy you’ll eat in your life. The best part? You only need

4 Oral Conditions You Should Never Ignore

Sometimes, you may notice a significant change in your oral health. While a few of them are just side effects of flu or other minor ailments, others may indicate a more serious disease. Below are some oral warning signs you should never take for granted. Bleeding Gums When you find blood while brushing your

Getting Tattooed: Why People Do It

Some people do not understand the true meaning of tattoos. From the social aspect, cultural importance, and environmental attachments, the history and purpose of tattoos solely depend on the person who decided to have one. Some choose to have a tattoo for different reasons. For self-identity Before some people get tattooed, they first consider the

Garlic as a Home Remedy for Dental Problems

Garlic has made its mark in history for its medicinal uses since 3000 BC. Of the Allium family, garlic contains a combination of flavonoids and sulfur-based nutrients responsible for its antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. As one of many natural remedies available, garlic is a popular vegetable for tooth infections such as tooth abscess,

Total Recall: Lettuce Poses a Health Threat in Australia

Are you a fan of leafy greens – lettuce in particular? These are a popular pick for those who are trying to eat healthy, especially those who enjoy salad. There are different types to choose from: Iceberg, Batavian, Butterhead, Romain and Looseleaf. During the first quarter of the year, however, there has been news

To Fight Heart Disease, Slim Your Waist!

They say the saddest words on Earth are “it might have been.” Considerably, this is the sentiment many medical doctors hold while looking into most cardiovascular disease (CVD) fatalities – finding them largely premature and preventable. Lifestyle changes, these pundits say, hold the key to keeping such a notorious killer at bay. In Australia,

Brazilian Wax Trivia for Women Who Plan on Getting One

For about four to seven weeks, a woman who gets a Brazilian wax will feel clean, smooth, and totally hair-free. Removal of hair from the genital area is one way of getting ready for wearing sleek and sexy two-piece swimsuits. Waxing is a better alternative to shaving, which takes longer and cause skin irritation.