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Aspirin for Lowering Risk of Heart Attack: Here’s What You Need to Know

Aspirin is often considered by many as a harmless medication that may even reduce the risk of a heart attack. This does not mean, however, that is okay to take aspirin daily without consulting a healthcare professional. Daily intake is not right for everyone, so if you’re considering of doing it, you need to

Having Trouble Hearing? Understand the Assessment Process

To determine the degree and nature of your hearing loss, your doctor will require you to undergo testing. The test will indicate if you’ll need hearing aids, as well as specify the sounds you can and cannot hear. Your audiologist can personalize the hearing aids based on your needs. Northumberland Hearing Center, a well-known audiology clinic in

Conditions that Cause Chronic Pain

The term “chronic” means the pain or condition can exist for six months or longer. In most instances, a chronic condition means a lifetime condition and therefore need long-term medical management. This type of management usually focuses on alleviating the symptoms to improve the quality of life. Here are some conditions can cause chronic

”We can rebuild this man, we have the technology”

If you are of a certain age, those words will set off a soundtrack in your mind. As the music plays you’ll see 1970s TV hero Colonel Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, running super-fast in slow motion on his bionic legs. Steve Austin, after retiring from saving the world, was one of

Dental Health Dilemma Explained

A big portion of the U.S. population experience dental pains of various intensities. Sadly, not all of them are able to address the problem. Many suffer in debilitating pain because the cost of dental insurance is not included in their monthly budget. The cost of preventive dental care is by no means cheap, either. And that

Smoking and Your Gum Health

Smoking increases not just your risk of lung cancer. While this is the most serious smoking-related consequence, you should also know that it also causes long-term gum disease. Studies suggest that the habit may be one of the biggest risks factors in developing gum or periodontal disease. This can result in compromised gum health and

Tricks for Curbing Your Child’s Sweet Cravings

Candies, chocolates, cakes — want some of these? Everyone has a sweet tooth, and it won’t make sense if you resist these treats. This is especially true among kids. It is as if they live for candies; these are what they look for first thing in the morning. They won’t let you rest until

Dental Implants in Buckinghamshire

Depending on the patient’s situation, dental implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth. In some cases, they are used to retain or replace dentures. They effectively restore lip support and minimise wrinkles around the mouth, a common consequence of tooth loss. Furthermore, they prevent bone loss, thus maintaining the facial structure. To be

Your Baldness Not Making You Bold Enough? Debunking Hair Transplant Myths

While most cultures perceive baldness as a typical hairstyle for men; for some, the shame of having less hair still persist. An expert from Fue Clinics notes that over the course of a few decades, humans have addressed this issue by creating different innovations in reviving lost hair, such as FUE and FUT hair

Heal Your Child’s Hyperacusis

If your child has an auditory processing disorder you can help them with auditory processing and aural rehabilitation therapies such as sound therapy desensitization techniques so they can once again hear without pain and fear. Hyperacusis is hypersensitivity to ordinary everyday sounds. It may be mild and may cause only slight irritation to certain