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The Trends in Digital Marketing that Your Business Has to Try

If you want your business to continue its developmental streak in the digital market space, you have to think of marketing techniques that stay updated with technology. This is the era where businesses should notice its importance because there isn’t any indication that it will slow down soon. As each day passes, new apps

Start Your Online Retail Store With These Reminders

Many retail entrepreneurs find success online. An exclusively online store can save you money you would otherwise spend on a brick-and-mortar setup. But a word of warning: that’s about the only difference regarding the hard work you’ll need to put into your new business. When you’re ready, here are some pointers you should review

Is Collaborative Advertising the Next Big Thing?

Collaboration in any business function, including advertising, is nothing new. But, in today’s digital age, collaborations prove to be one of the keys to succeeding in oversaturated markets. Consumers are getting smarter with the products and services they buy, which puts advertising at a challenging position. The beauty of collaboration is that it gathers

New Year, New Trends: Web Design Trends to Expect this 2017

Trends come and go, some faster than the others. In the world of web design, staying on top of these trends is important, especially for web designers. A good, trendy web design not only impresses visitors, but also holds their attention for at least 10 seconds — the amount of time needed to communicate

Skateboarding for Beginners: 4 Tricks You Need to Start Learning

Skateboarding is one of the most popular street sports all over the world. Whether you're a novice or at a higher beginner level, learning this activity isn't rocket science. You simply need to have a good sense of balance, leg strength, stamina and the patience and motivation to practice.  Once you achieve its basic

Digital or Offset Printing? Which One Is Best for Your Business?

It can sometimes be difficult to decide between printing methods: In offset printing, the ink first transfers to a printing plate, moves to a rubber sheet and rolls onto the paper. Conversely, digital printing does not require plates and instead transfers the ink directly to the paper. Given that both printing styles provide a

Fake Social Media Followers are Worse Than None at All

Lately, companies looking to increase their engagement and reach have flooded social media. This situation makes a lot of sense since social media engagement is as extensive as anything can get. No one can ignore the limitless promotional potential of over 2 billion active social media users. Various digital marketing firms, including Livelong Digital, will

Ad Designs 101: Use Colour More than Anything

Ad design is an ever-changing endeavour. You can never say what works for everyone. The efficiency of certain designs is ideal for specific businesses, industries and customer bases. Nevertheless, there are rules that every design should follow and agencies should comply with. The use of colour, more than anything, makes for a fantastic design.

Hooking up the IG: Why Hairstylists Should Take Instagram Seriously

If you’re a new hairstylist, a particular set of skills isn’t enough. You might also need an Instagram account. Every day, a number of hairdressers upload their works of art on the social network. Anthony Cuts, a makeup and hairstylist, got his big break by uploading videos of his hair transformations on Instagram. Some

Unique Requirements for Construction Loans

When it comes to construction loans, there is more to having a good credit record to get a lender's approval. There is the need for a certified builder, a construction timetable and specifications, an appraised home value, and at least 25% down payment. Borrowing for something that hasn't existed yet makes the said requirements sensible and