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REINZ: New Zealand Home Sales Drop 20% in August

Residential property sales dropped significantly in New Zealand, as no region posted growth in August, according to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). The trend caused a 20% decline compared to the same year in 2016, or 1,472 fewer properties. A sales drop only took place during three months in the last

Fire Insurance Claim and Some Beneficial Advice in Filing It

Your home catching fire and destroying partially, if not everything you worked hard for is devastating in itself. What is more devastating is if you cannot get the appropriate claim from your insurance company for the damage done to your home. Filing for an insurance claim due to fire loss is not something that

Designing a Warehouse System in New Zealand

Due to its location, New Zealand is an earthquake-prone area, and although only a few result in strong shakes, they can still cause intensive property damage and death. As a precaution, the country implements strong standards on buildings, including warehouses. Following these guidelines is a win-win for you. Not only does it guarantee the safety of

You Can Call it Impatience, but Emergency Plumbing is in Order

Picture this: One of the drainpipes in your home is leaking. At the sight of the leak, you panic a little then a lightbulb moment took over. You remember that you can call the plumber. The relief lasted for only a couple of seconds. This time, you remember you can’t call the plumber since

Did You Know? A Brief History on Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of many ways to print on fabric or even non-fabric materials. The process needs ink, the material to be printed on, a woven mesh, and a stencil. The ink is pressed through the woven mesh, which has the stencil. Using a rubber blade or squeegee to press the ink, the

Here are Surefire Money-Saving Tips to Consider for Your London Vacation Anchor

Going to London for vacation doesn’t have to be so expensive. If you are planning a getaway to one on of the world’s most iconic country, here are some money-saving tips to consider: 1. Get a visitor oyster card Going through the city can be quite expensive. To trim down your expenses, you should

Saving Money on Moving Costs Without Risking Your Property

When it is time to move to a new home, you have to pack all your belongings and place them in a moving truck. When it is time to start over elsewhere — whether it is a move to a new residence or a new place of business, you have to be ready for the

What Makes Precision Swiss Machining a Potentially Integral Part of Your Manufacturing Process

Your lessons in class shops become useful once you go into manufacturing. At first, you have to design your production process and define the needed tools and skills. You should think about adding machine/s for less cost and difficulty. It is also worth including techniques like precision Swiss machining. Precision Level: Swiss Switzerland is

Will Cockroaches Really Be the World’s Last Surviving Beings?

Think back to the 2008 animated film Wall-E by Disney Pixar. In it, the trash compacting robot Wall-E is the only one left on Earth, except for his ‘pet’ cockroach. Nothing and no one, not even humans, inhabit the desolate and derelict planet as portrayed in the movie. Now, you’re also likely familiar with

3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Shipping Your Goods

Many people make costly mistakes when hauling goods over long distances, and it causes them to incur massive delays and losses. The article highlights some of the costly mistakes to avoid when transporting business items. Shipping freight is a core aspect of running a business as it allows you to receive goods from your