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Responsible Riding: Trail Etiquette Every UTV Rider Should Follow

Riding on public lands using a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV), also known as an eXtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV), is a privilege — not a right. Riders can forfeit this privilege if they refuse to follow common trail courtesy. Careless acts by irresponsible drivers, for instance, can shut down trail systems and riding areas. Thus,

Elaborate Symbols: Intricate “Rings of Love,” then and Now

If modern couples and ancient lovers have one thing in common, it’s the love for elaborate engagement rings. Today’s discerning couples tend to opt for alternatives to diamond such as moissanite. This gem sparkles, unlike any other gem on earth, even more than diamonds themselves. Still, they are eco-friendly, conflict-free, and more reasonably priced.

Can’t Decide Where to Study Abroad? Consider UAE Then

Pursuing higher education in one of the universities in United Arab Emirates has certainly become one of the primary goals of students from all over the world. With the country witnessing and undergoing an explosion of improvements and changes for the better, more and more students choose UAE as their temporary – even long-term – home

3 Wonderful Romantic Ideas for Couples in Singapore

Renowned for its global cuisine, luxurious resorts, award-winning spas and great theme parks, Singapore can be surprisingly romantic amidst its glitzy, futuristic landscape. The unique attractions, charming waterside and gleaming-clean streets provide the perfect setting for a romantic vacation. Sentosa says here’s how to get ready while the countdown Singapore clock ticks. Dinner Date

One City at a Time: Australian Cities You Should Include in Your Itinerary

Australia – the land down under. It’s a country that’s often under the radar when it comes to travellers. Little do they know, the country has a special charm when it comes to its cities. If you are heading to Australia soon — or planning to go one of these days — here’s a

Moving Overseas: Are You Ready to Go?

All your bags are packed; are you ready to go? Moving to another country involves more than just packing your bags and jumping on the next plane out. This is a big change that needs a lot of planning. When you relocate to a new place, you have to think about the costs that

More than Pilgrimage: The Adventures You’re Missing in Israel

Israel is known to be one of the most exotic and historic locations, the Middle Eastern sun as the backdrop of religious monuments. While the destination may seem fit for pilgrimages alone, the holy land is perfect for more than just journeys of faith. You can either fly, drive or take a cruise to

Summer Fun in Utah: Enjoying the Season without Worrying about the Heat

Summers are eventful in Utah. Outdoor events, music festivals, food fairs mark the calendar for a season of enjoyment. Everyone goes to outdoor summer festivals that take place in July to September. Apart from all the festivities that will happen, everyone is looking forward to seeing relatives and friends—and maybe even meeting new people.

Studying in London: Is Sharing a Flat a Good Idea?

It has been said time and again—London is a global leader in the academe, making it one of the best places to study. The people are welcoming, the city is bustling with life, and there are more than 30,000 courses to choose from in 45 universities. All of this makes it easy to adapt

4 Romantic Places in Utah for Engagement Photo Shoots

Utah is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, from lakes to snow-capped mountains to historical locations, making the state ideal to take romantic engagement photos. Here are four locations you can check out. Big Cottonwood Canyon Adventurous couples looking for a natural setting can head to Big Cottonwood Canyon. Pine trees, lakes, and soaring mountains serve