Caught Speeding? Know When is Speeding Acceptable

While most officers would tolerate an excess of 1-4 mph, a speeding offense can cause serious consequences if you go beyond the speed limit deemed by the authorities. Accidents, damage of properties, and such, are just among the results of over speeding. But, you will be surprised to know that in some states, justification defenses are acceptable for over speeding.

speeding infraction

If your ticket is for an infraction violation, you can receive a huge fine or go through jury trial. Speed limit violations need a unique yet reasonable defense. When confronted, you should know the law.

Understanding the state laws will allow drivers to seek the services of a traffic ticket lawyer to prevent paying fines and even jail time.

According to legal expert Mr. Ticket, “Winning your case depends on several things, including whether your speed was recorded by camera, radar gun or other devices. Also the weather and road conditions are very important. You can have pictures, documents and witnesses for proving your points in the court as well.”

Mistake of fact or ignorance isn’t a great defense. So, when can speeding be acceptable?


One valid excuse in a speeding case is avoiding an accident. This happens when a driver go faster and exceeds the limit to avoid a collision with a car in front of him. A driver who recognizes there’s a possibility of an accident can claim the action a necessity.


Using an emergency excuse to defend a speeding ticket is never easy. Speeding because of a matter of life and death situation can be a valid defense. If you were speeding because someone needs immediate medical treatment, you may have the infraction violation of speeding dismissed. Back up your claim by bringing any evidence that shows immediate need for treatment.


This is another acceptable reason in a speeding case. For instance, a claim that you exceeded the speed limit because criminals are holding a gun to your head can be enough to avoid a conviction. You should not be charged of over speeding because someone is pressuring you to drive fast.

Over speeding depending on the consequence may be excused by law, but “just because it’s fun” should never be an excuse.