Child Custody: Mistakes to Avoid

Divorce comes with difficulties and emotional setbacks, especially when couples have children. According to child custody lawyers in Queens, New York, custody consists of two aspects. One is the legal custody where you get the rights to take vital decisions for your child. Second is the physical custody as to where the child would live post divorce. New York court generally grants a joint custody. But when conditions are unfavorable, it decides to grant sole custody. Sole custody is granting legal and physical custody of the child to only one of the parents.

Sad child

Here are some child custody guidelines to help you avoid any mistakes:

  • If you want the legal custody of your child, you have to proceed with legal advice.
  • You should have the right conduct towards your spouse despite the emotional outburst. This is because your spouse may claim legal custody on grounds of domestic violence and abuse.
  • Avoid custodial claims by maligning your spouse with domestic and alcohol abuse without consulting your child custody lawyer’s advice.
  • Avoid threatening your spouse in relation to your child.
  • Avoid displaying anger in the courthouse. This would portray a negative behavior.
  • Don’t use social networking sites to malign your spouse.
  • Don’t make false claims about your child’s financial needs unless you have proof.
  • Be open to the idea of allowing visitation for your spouse.
  • If you have qualms about your spouse’s violent behavior, ask your lawyer to make the necessary steps.
  • Don’t try to influence your child by giving inappropriate remarks about the other parent.
  • Avoid buying expensive gifts to your child as it might seem as a form of bribing.
  • Avoid sending in appropriate texts or e-mails to your spouse.
  • Try spending as much time with your child. Don’t neglect your child during these long court proceedings. Attend to your child’s basic needs, like homework and playtime.