Cleaning Your Spa Tub Filter: The Effective Hacks

Spa Tub Maintenance Cleaning your spa tub’s filter is a crucial part of maintenance since it ensures that the water you’ll be basking in is always clean and safe. Though filter cleaning might sound complicated, it’s really not, especially if you follow these simple steps.

The Basic Rinse

Rinse the filter thoroughly at least every two weeks, more frequently if you use your spa more regularly. Soak the filter using your trusty garden hose and ensure to remove the dirt buildup. If it’s particularly filthy, consider using a suitable cleaning solution. It’s likewise vital to remember that you should rinse the filter this way every time you change your tub’s water, even if you just cleaned the filter three days ago.

A Note on Cleaning Products

If the filter is exceptionally dingy and has accumulated calcium scales, then using a cleaning product is best. But, it is important to keep in mind that you must go for a cleaning solution that’s all-natural and specifically formulated for filter cleaning, advises a spa service technician at Preferred Pool and Spa. This is because chemicals usually found in typical cleaning solutions and detergents could lead to foaming issues with water in your spa.

Cartridges for Filter Cleaning

If you’re looking to keep your spa’s filter spic and span but don’t want to put too much elbow grease on it, consider using cartridges specially designed for cleaning hot tub filters. Just attach the cleaning cartridges to your handy garden hose and the filter, and then spray. As you’re spraying, the cartridge would rotate gently and thoroughly clean your filter. After several minutes, your filter will look clean and fresh.

Regardless of how spic and span your spa filter is, it’s vital that you have it replaced at least once yearly. Apart from putting significant strain and stress on your spa’s pump, a worn-out spa filter isn’t capable of effectively trapping contaminants. If you follow the above-mentioned tricks on cleaning your filter, you can be certain that your spa’s water would stay clean and safe for longer.