Collecting Waste from a Construction Site Requires Special Equipment and Handling

Dumpster with trash and bricks in itConstruction, as well as office renovation, generates large amounts of trash. The trash is usually more than enough to fill a garbage truck. For these instances, there are other alternatives for the speedy removal of trash and other rubbish. Trash removal experts likeĀ Rubbish Works recommends using roll-off services in Denver.

Waste and Junk Removal

Waste, junk, and trash removals are three different things. Trash removal is the scheduled local government service. Junk removal, meanwhile, is a one-time removal of items which the trash company does not collect. Lastly, waste removal is a specialized service to collect materials which junk and trash companies cannot handle. Bio-hazardous waste is an example of waste which has to be collected by these specialist companies.

Companies that are renovating their offices have to partner with waste removal companies due to the possibility of hazardous materials. Old buildings sometimes still have asbestos materials for the ceiling and insulation, after all. These require special handling by professionals.


During a renovation or construction, waste materials pile up. These may be hauled away by waste removal companies, or they can have their own container on the premises. The waste materials are placed in a roll-off container, and when it is full, the waste removal company can haul it away.

There are other arrangements possible in waste removal. However, what is important is that the waste material is placed in a waiting container. For large projects, it is possible to rent multiple roll-off containers. These are brought to the construction or renovation site, and then later on pulled away on the top of a special roll-off truck.

This is one way to handle waste construction materials. Typically, municipal trash services would not take these away to the landfill. The roll off company also handles the removal and treatment of the waste prior to disposal.