Dental Bridges: Understanding What They Are and Why You Might Need Them

dental-bridgeDentistry has come a long way over the years. From helping people deal with the simplest toothaches, dentists today can work all sorts of wonders. Dental professionals can restore functionality and improve aesthetics, too.

For those conscious about how their teeth look, it might be best to see a private dentist. Manchester has many such professionals who can help you with everything from basic whitening to the placement of bridges. If the latter is something you have heard about and think you need, the following is a short read about the same:

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are not like a mouth full of dentures, but there are some similarities. Bridges refer to a partial set of dentures permanently fixed next to natural teeth which are strong and good. They are called dental bridges because they are designed to fill the space left by a couple of missing teeth.

The process of fixing a dental bridge

The number of visits varies according to severity. Normally, a minimum of two visits are needed to complete the procedure. Here is how the process typically goes:

  • Dentists first identify the exact shade of your teeth from a guide and pick the suitable shade for your bridge.
  • The adjacent teeth will then be cleaned and generally prepared for the installation. A tiny area is trimmed away from each of the adjacent teeth. This is done to accommodate the crown.
  • An impression of the teeth and the space between them is taken and turned into a mould and is used to manufacture the crowns and bridge.
  • Your dentist will then proceed with affixing temporary bridge to shield the exposed teeth and gums. You have to return when the permanent bridge is ready, which usually takes a week.
  • When you come in for the permanent application, the dentist will have you check it for bite and proper fitting.
  • Adjustments are made and then you are good to go.

Only when both you and the attending dental professional are satisfied with the fit and the bite the bridge provides, permanent cementing is done. This might happen after several weeks and after many visits.

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