Designing Your Own Storefront Sign

A storefront sign serves as a signal for your customers to come into your store. As such, its text and imagery should be informative, yet concise. It should also reflect your culture, personality, theme, or brand.

Storefront Signage

To design your own sign without hiring online storefront specialists, consider these pointers:

Use a Professional Image Design Program
Use a professional image design program that produces crisp and high-resolution images.

Contact a Sign Printer
Contact a sign printer to ask for a template file you can use to make the sign according to their standards.

Templates are sized with the exact proportions required to create a sign. If you need a specific size the printer doesn’t offer, create a custom template with the image design software you’re using.

Choose the Colors
Choose two colors that contrast the words and background to make the words stand out against the background.

It’s ideal to use only two colors, but you don’t have to limit yourself. Use a third color if you want, but choose a neutral hue to balance off the other two you’ve chosen.

If you want to use your corporate colors, choose one or more of them to put in your design to remain consistent with your brand.

Use these tips to design your own storefront sign. If you want a professional sign, however, contact online storefront companies.