From a Dietitian With Love: Online Nutritional Counselling

eating nutrition foodThis is the Internet era, where a number of nutritionists and dietitians have gone online to offer their insight to put people on the road to good health. In fact, online nutritional counseling services abound on the web today, and you will likely become overwhelmed when searching for one – there are just too many. Not to mention food blogs, health blogs, forums, message boards, social network pages, and the like.

Here are a few tips that can simplify your search process. hopes these pointers will make it easier to choose the right online nutritional counselors.

Reputation and Reliability

It goes without saying that if you want to get your money’s worth, you must look for a counseling service online with a reputation for reliability. Go through the customer reviews on the websites to get an insight on the service’s dependability and scientific and medical accuracy.

Ask for referrals from your family and friends. Importantly, look for services that comprise of a registered dietitian in addition to a team of specialists. These include the physician, who can accurately appraise the patient’s health condition online.

What Do They Counsel For?

Online nutritional consultants counsel people through videoconferencing or phone calls, mostly through services such as Skype. Mostly, they encourage people to eat healthy, and engage in an active lifestyle, although they try to know first the medical history and background of the patient.

Check if the service can provide specialized counseling for your specific needs. Further, look for the variety of counseling plans offered, such as one-month, 3-month or single sessions, which can give you greater flexibility for choosing one suiting your lifestyle.


Finally, consider if the payment asked for by the online nutritional counseling service fits within your budget. Also, check if it accepts your health insurance.

While they can offer nutritional advice when dealing with diseases and disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and obesity, they do not offer diagnoses, so if you suffer from some kind of illness, go to a doctor instead.

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