Dining Out: Strategies for Eating Healthy

a couple eating foodA fast food meal can be a real lifesaver when life gets hectic and you’re too busy to cook. While there is nothing wrong with eating out, it is best not to do it every day and choose your meals carefully. This means using mindful eating strategies, which consists of proper planning, considering the menu, and ordering the right food.

A trusted family doctor in West Jordan shares a few tips on eating healthy when dining out.

Control your portions.

One of the best ways to do so is asking for a half-order or splitting a meal with someone. You can also ask the server to bring you a to-go container, so you can pack up half of the meal immediately and save it for the next meal. Ordering a kid’s meal (or having a smaller plate) instead of a jumbo size also helps.

Choose healthier options.

When choosing what to eat, head straight to the healthier menu items and avoid anything that is fried or buttered. You can also start your meal with a salad and a small amount of dressing on the side, so you can feel a little satisfied immediately and eat less. It is also a good idea to choose fruits or veggies as your side dish.

Don’t rush through meals.

Eating slowly doesn’t just help you enjoy the food better; it also leads to better digestion. It lets your body realize that you’re full, which can help you avoid overeating. You should also know that the stomach and the small intestines may have a hard time absorbing nutrients from foods that aren’t chewed or broken down well enough.

Choose your drink carefully.

Fast food restaurants usually offer beverages with a lot of sugar, such as soda, iced teas, and fruit juices. It is best to go for water or unsweetened and low-fat beverages. Do note that diet soda is not a healthy option, as it still has artificial sweeteners that could lead to weight gain, not the otherwise.

Eating out doesn’t always need to be unhealthy. Consider these tips when eating somewhere around town and strive to find some time to cook and prepare healthy dishes for your family.