Divorce and Its Effects on Children and Teenagers

teenagerFrom unhappy marriages to abusive spouses, divorce is often the way out for many couples and families in the country. Mom and dad may get what they want, but their children do not fare so well.

Breaking the family

Denver law firm Matthews & Matthews notes, “Divorce is not only the legal process of “untying the knot,” it is also the dissolution of an entire familial unit. You regain your single status and become eligible to remarry someone else; all the while, your young ones lose a parent at home.”Most couples tend to forget that divorce affects the children the most, as it introduces a dramatic change in their lives.

Divorce affects younger children the most as they are still in a stage of dependency, and divorce increases that dependence. This usually takes the form of tantrum throwing, whining, and anything that would get the remaining parent’s attention.

The opposite happens to teenagers. Divorce further detaches them from the remaining parent and makes them seek out their independence more. As the bond between the parents and child is slowly fading, this also leads them to rebel and challenge their parent’s authority.

Between mom and dad

Choosing between mom and dad is inevitable in a divorce. The children find themselves in a situation wherein they have to choose just one parent. This is difficult for them, as they do not want to risk hurting the other parent’s feelings if they choose the other. In some cases, they do not have a choice who to go with.

The decision is usually made for their benefit, but the child may find themselves unhappy living with the parent responsible for them. Regular visits can remedy this, but these are usually not enough.

While divorce may be necessary for many families, it is important that the child knows and understands the reason their parents are separating. Alienating them from the problem will not help, as this further detaches them from an already broken family.

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