Easy Steps to Prepare a Surface for Metal Coating

Worker sandblasting piece of metalIt’s essential that any surface is prepared well before any metal coating is applied. A qualified sandblasting expert using Garnet can do the job for you, but if you are a DIY fanatic, then follow these four steps to make your first metal painting project a success.

Clean the metal surface

Cleaning is an essential preparation step before painting a surface. You need to use the right materials for the job. If the surface is greasy, then use mineral spirits to remove them. For a surface that’s still in good condition, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the glass. Where you are dealing with persistent dirt, then try a mild detergent to remove it.

Remove old paint

Check for areas with peeling paint, and remove it. If you are going to apply a coating on the entire surface, then remove the old paint using hand wire brushing, scraping, or sanding. This step is quite labour intensive, and you may want to have someone help out. If you are using power tools, be careful not to polish the surface, so you don’t cause paint-adhesion problems.

Take care of rust

Paint will not adhere if it’s applied on the rusty surface. So inspect the surface for areas with rust and take care of it the right way. If you are dealing with loose rust, then a brush will do. Be sure to sand the area and apply high top quality rust inhibitive primer.

Repair dents and holes

If the surface you are working on is rather old, then it’s very likely that it will have small holes and a few dents. Repair them by sanding the area and applying an epoxy filler and fibreglass mesh.

Effective metal surface preparation before applying a new coat is essential for a successful job. It is something you can do with some foresight and commitment.