Effective Hacks to Rat-Proof Your Home

Eliminating Rats in CoronaRats are versatile, agile, and smart enough to take any opportunity to access your home. Some rats are excellent climbers and favor attics and ceilings, while some are proficient diggers and prefer to live in burrows beneath or near solid structures such as walls, garages, and sheds. Others are good swimmers and prefer entering homes through drain systems, sewers, and broken pipes. So what can a homeowner do to keep rats away?

Doors and Usual Entrances

Smaller rats can easily squeeze their way into your home via spaces under doorways. Fit some strips on the bottom portion of your doors to keep rats out. Rats likewise utilize cat or dog doors and will make other gaps wider by gnawing on them.


Nimbler rats love climbing on overhanging tree branches and electrical cables to enter attics and lofts via gaps under eaves or damaged roof tiles. You can use wire mesh for sealing gaps and fix all damage on your roof.

Exterior Wall Gaps

Small opening or holes (usually surrounding pipes or utility cables) must be fitted with concrete or caulking, as well as wire wool, Orange Coast Pest Control recommends, a renowned pest control company in Corona. You could also consider aluminum or steel plating. Remember that rats are great jumpers and climbers so if you’re in the process of fixing or installing new cable or pipework, consider a height above four feet.

Sewer and Drain Pipes

Rats who love swimming can also access your home via damaged pipes as well as u-bends in your toilets so keep the toilet lids closed at all times. They’re also fond of using drains and drain pipes. Outfit your drains with tight screens or metal grates, most especially on drains located in your basement. Additionally, always inspect your pipework and fix what needs to be fixed promptly.

Under Floorboards

If rats are coming up from underneath your floors, consider removing a couple of floorboards so you can check what’s really going on underneath.

Keep in mind, however, that your efforts will be for nothing if you have an existing rat problem. So deal with the rats currently living with you and then get to rat proofing your home to prevent it from happening again.