Enjoying Nostalgia: Looking for Classic Cars in Utah

Classic car modelsThe Cache Valley Cruise-In attracts a particular type of car enthusiast, whose passion runs deep for automotive masterpieces of bygone eras: classic cars. The Cruise-In is a haven for owners of vintage, rare and unique cars to show off (sometimes sell) their passion projects. Projects, because a good chunk of these classic cars are restorations – touched up and maintained to look as good as they did when they rolled out the factory.

As Original As They Get

The Cruise-In is Utah’s largest car show, and the vicinity hosts a car expo at least every weekend and even during the weekdays. A local, Carl Delgado, claims vintage cars can take up to four hours to wash. Delgado brought a 1967 Chevelle Malibu four-door hard top, which seems to be the only example running around as he hasn’t seen anyone else with one.

The Malibu’s rarity is attributed to the fact that it’s often dismantled and sold as parts. Delgado is proud that his Malibu stayed stock, compared to other vintage cars that only retained their classic exteriors but are outfitted with new engines. Tyacke Motors agrees that the more original parts a car can retain, the better.

Hanging on to the Past

In nearby North Logan, Randy Rust has his very own prize steed – a Ford sub-brand called Merkur. This particular model was imported from Europe badged the “XR4Ti” and for Rust, it was love at first sight. Rust fondly recalls how the salesman who test-drove the car with him sped past scandalized pedestrians. A month after he bought the car, the dealer was itching to get it back.

The Merkur project was discontinued after a few years, and years later the online community is polarized on its quality. Rust, however, has had no ride problems in the 30 years of owning the Merkur – save for the busted AC and tachometer. While the Rust and his wife, Susan, bought a brand-new Subaru WRX in 2002, the Merkur still has a place of honor: enjoying exposure in car shows, but not for sale.