Expand Your Options with these 3 Types of Outdoor Blinds for Your Business

BlindsInstalling outdoor blinds is definitely more practical than constructing a permanent roof. They are also more sophisticated looking and prettier to behold.

To attract higher traffic volume to your business establishment, consider any of the three options that follow.

Contemporary and Chic Alfresco Blinds

When you want alfresco blinds, Perth manufacturers usually offer different types of material: fabric, canvas, acrylic, or PVC. This type of outdoor window attachment is also known as café or patio blinds. For that chic and modern look, you should consider tinted PVC, or if the design calls for it, choose the elegant clear high-grade material. Meanwhile, customisation is possible with acrylic and canvas options.

Innovative Zipscreen Options

Now, if you are placing a canopy over a balcony or perhaps a pergola, the zipscreen type of outdoor blind is more favourable, especially if you’re proud of the view. More customers will choose to sit down on your veranda area if they see the beauty around them. Some customers also prefer to sit where they can be seen lounging around wearing their latest fashion choices.

Zipscreen blinds provide protection from the elements, Action Awnings says, but they do not block the view. These sunshade blinds are not only popular in business establishments, but also as a residential application. They may sound complicated, but the system is easy to open and close. There are two basic options — manual or automatic, and the decision is entirely up to you.

Heavy Duty Pivot Awnings

Meanwhile, pivot awnings aren’t just for windows but also for doors. If your location exposes the sitting areas to the sun during the hottest hours of the day, then this is the best option of the three. These awnings are tough for sure. Their design allows them to withstand torrential downpour and strong winds as well.

Shopping for outdoor blinds is exciting, because you will definitely find something that stands out so customers will easily distinguish your business from the others. Just make sure the security features fit your needs, and that you get a reasonable warranty on the product.

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