Facts about Black Mold in Your Salt Lake City Home

Black MoldsNothing looks more hideous than molds growing in the home. Molds are a type of fungus like mushrooms, but hairier and looking much less appetizing. Molds are everywhere, and in most cases are quite harmless.

However, a large amount of molds growing indoors may not be the healthiest thing around. Black molds are especially icky, and can be hard to remove safely. If you have an infestation in your Salt Lake City home, you should call in black mold removal specialists. Here are some facts about black molds you should know.

Black molds are not always toxic

Many people think all molds in the home are toxic, but that isn’t exactly true. Some produce mycotoxins, which are toxigenic, and those can make you sick. Not all toxigenic molds are black, either. However, it’s hard to identify if a mold is dangerous or not without lab testing. Scientists think there’s a link between some molds and breathing problems.

Black molds may cause asthma in small children

Some studies show that molds can cause asthma in some children. If you have a family history of asthma, your child may be especially vulnerable. There are also some reports that molds can cause memory loss and pulmonary hemorrhage. There is evidence, though, that molds can cause coughs, wheezing, itchy eyes, and rashes in children and adults with compromised immune systems.

Black molds are easy to find

It’s relatively easy to detect if you have black mold or any other type growing in your home. Salt Lake City black mold removal specialists say it smells bad when it’s behind walls or around leaky pipes, and it’s hard to miss when it’s out in the open. It grows in damp, warm places, and it can come through open doors and windows at any time.

While black molds are not as dangerous as some people think, they are dangerous enough. To be on the safe side, keep molds from growing in the first place.