Feng Shui Your Office Space to Increase Productivity

Group of young employees brainstormingFeng Shui is an ancient art of placement practised by the Chinese. In the Chinese language, ‘Feng’ means breath of life and ‘Shui’ means liquid of life. This art says that everything and everyone has an energy (what they call chi). Feng Shui has for a long time had an impact on the aesthetics of interior decor in its native eastern and more recently, in the western culture.

By understanding the basic concepts of Feng Shui, you can enhance the chi flow of your office to create a happier environment for a boost in productivity.

Feng Shui Focuses on Colours

It is amazing to know that Feng Shui agrees with psychologist’s discovery on the effect of colour on moods. The colour of your office walls, furniture and accessories will affect your emotions and those of your employees. In Feng Shui, different colours invite different energies in a space. For instance, white symbolises new beginnings and possibilities. It likewise signifies clear and fresh energy. Red, on the other hand, signifies the passionate energy of the fire element.

Given the meanings, you might want to get a fresh coat of crisp white on the walls then compliment it with some red accessories. Talking to professionals from a reputable interior design company in Singapore will reduce the mental energy you would otherwise spend deciding what goes with what (in terms of colours).

Feng Shui Embraces Natural Light

Feng Shui places emphasis on using nature to introduce great energy in a space. The art suggests that taking advantage of sunlight during the day will introduce good emotions in an environment. Interestingly, Feng Shui suggests that one can also take advantage of the moon’s glow at night using it as lighting in the space.

At any chance, go for office spaces with windows that allow sunlight in the space. This means you should likewise choose your window treatments carefully. You will be surprised how much a daily dose of sunlight will improve your employees’ productivity.

Increasing productivity in your office space does not necessarily mean going for some far-fetched strategies. It is interesting to see how a little creativity, such as introducing Feng Shui art, can add some positive energy to a working environment.