Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Corrugated Water Tank

Water TankConsidering installing a rainwater tank on your property but you’re not sure where the best location is to place it. It’s always best to know all the factors that will guide you to making the right decision.

Size of your home compared to the tank suggests calculating the ratio of your tank to your property by conducting a physical measurement of your property. You can then choose the appropriate size tank for your needs. You can then consider the shape of tank to suit so it does not look awkward or out of place.


The material of the tank will determine its lifespan and use. Plastic tanks, for example, may have a shorter lifespan if placed out in the sun. The water may also have an odd taste when it gets hot. Concrete and corrugated iron water tanks can withstand the heat.

Intended use of the water

If you plan to use it for gardening and outside chores, then it would be better to place it closer to the garden. Water intended for home use should be next to the home, and placing it behind a wall and under shade to keep it cool is advisable.


You may need a concrete slab or pavers to place your tank on. You will need to clear the area to make it accessible. If your budget allows, you can have the tank installed underground. The cost will be influenced by how much work is involved.

You have your water tank, but must you compromise on aesthetic appeal? Place it where it complements the existing structure. It will hold water and enhance the look of your property at the same time. Make sure that the water will flow easily into and out of the tank while you are at it.

Correct tank location will improve efficiency, increase the tank’s lifespan and will generally ensure that it serves you properly. Pick a spot wisely to get the most out of your tank.