Fire Insurance Claim and Some Beneficial Advice in Filing It

Fire fighterYour home catching fire and destroying partially, if not everything you worked hard for is devastating in itself. What is more devastating is if you cannot get the appropriate claim from your insurance company for the damage done to your home.

Filing for an insurance claim due to fire loss is not something that people do every day. Therefore, most people faced with the situation are unfamiliar with the steps to take when filing for an insurance claim. Below are some of the basic things one should keep in mind to make sure that they get the coverage they deserve.

1. Put everything in writing

Keep a copy of all the communications regarding your claim, such as estimates and expenses as well as adjustables and other “promises.” Keeping a log of the date and time you have talked with certain people involved will also be helpful should discrepancies come up during your claiming process.

2. Know your coverage

Review your insurance coverage thoroughly. That way, you would know if your insurance company is giving you just compensation or is running away from their responsibilities from you. Coverage included in your burned house? Call your insurance company. They will surely have a copy of your deal.

3. Do not throw anything away

As much as you want to clean up your place and move on, don’t just yet. Keep everything and avoid throwing away things until the damage is assessed by the insurance company. Sometimes, something small and insignificant can affect your claim coverage.

4. Do not settle for anything less

Ask as much questions as you can to your insurance company regarding their assessment. Have the damages assessed and get your own estimates if you are not satisfied with that of the insurance company’s. In short, when in doubt, verify with other means. Do not settle for less than what you signed in your contract.

Dealing with fire accidents is truly unfortunate, however, the right claims can help you get back up again.