Four Out-of-This-World Interior Designs that Will Blow Your Mind

Many industry authorities Beautiful interiorsay the sky is your limit when it comes to interior design. The question is “How far are you willing to go to create a new look for your interiors?” Today’s interiors boast of unique designs that will blow your mind – from astounding colour mixes to exceptional décor.

As Perth painting contractors at say, you can venture into a new world of painting and creative designs. Let’s start with a few interior themes that have brought new definition to interior wonder:

1. Graffiti Interiors

With their bold strokes and colours, graffiti artworks have become one of the most popular paint styles for the modern home. Some homeowners use dark shades to inspire a new look for their interiors, especially in bedrooms. The urban appeal of graffiti paintworks has gone from homes and reached the haven of hotels, as many innovative designers integrated this style into hotel rooms.

2. Colour Blocks

Colour blocking is a common practice in designing clothes, but can also be ideal in painting the interiors of a property. The block shapes feature different colours that breathe life into the room. Some experts recommend using colour blocks to create a hip and contemporary look for children’s bedrooms and play areas. Most colour blocks often use a combination of bright and dark shades to match different interior styles.

3. The Comic Room

There’s a hotel in Berlin that looks as if its rooms are part of a pop-up cartoon because of the interior painting. The beds, cabinets and wall areas have vibrant shades with black trims that look like the outline of comic book panels. This illusion stirs the imagination of anyone who steps into the room. While the colours are not as vibrant as in graffiti styles, this theme provides a unique interior design inspiration.

4. Cigarette Pack Interiors

A man in China’s Zhejiang Province redefined interior design with a collage of cigarette packs. Despite not using any paint to decorate the inside of his home, the cigarette pack designs transformed the space into a one-of-a-kind interior theme.

Redesigning your interiors is simply a matter of thinking outside the box. With a bit of creativity and assistance from professional contractors, you can take your interior designs to a new level.

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