Give Your Home that Unique Character with this Material

Timber flooring in PerthMany homes in Perth meet building codes and standards, but often this is as far as they go. Looking at them won’t wow bystanders. While this is not a bad thing, they can benefit from some improvements, especially in the flooring.

With the right choice in flooring materials, you can have that wow factor your home may have been missing.

What are your choices?

When it comes to timber flooring, for Perth homeowners there are several to choose from. There’s solid timber, which brings a classic, traditional appeal to homes. You can also get the easy-to-install floating timber floors, which are great for areas you want to soundproof.

Parquetry delivers a unique style to any home, thanks to the beautiful patterns they feature. For ultimate indentation-resistance, go for hardwood.

Many environmentally-conscious Australians love the beauty of bamboo, which is also renewable. Planet Timbers also mention bamboo, specifically Levande Bamboo, as a good fit for the harsh Australian weather.

Why choose timber over synthetics like tiles?

Tiles are popular flooring options amongst Perth residents. They come in numerous styles, colours and designs, and are affordable, too. The main advantage that timber flooring has over them, though, has something to do with the appeal.

Wood delivers a cosier, more ‘homey’ appeal, making them better choices for areas you usually spend a lot of time relaxing and lounging in, like bedrooms and living rooms. Tiles are great for high-moisture and damp areas like the bathroom.

Overall, although timber floorings cost a bit more than your other options, they can give you that character your home may have been missing. The great looks and their flexibility make them exceptional choices for Perth homes. Choose timber flooring systems that promise your money will be well-spent.