Greater Fitness, Greater Trampoline: Round vs Rectangular

Trampolines in TexasNot all trampolines are created equal. A quick look at a product listing in store offerings online should make this obvious. Beyond all the differences in price tag, design plays a pivotal role in distinguishing which trampoline is best for you.

You could consider circular trampolines as a must-have for kids and the whole family. When you look into developing greater stamina and strength, a rectangular one fits the bill

Stronger by Design

When you talk about overall fitness, rectangular wins over round trampolines. Though you might squint your eyes a bit looking over its higher price tag, the cornered bouncing platform is bound to give you more competitive results. If you’re wondering why, the disparity is due mainly to design.

Equipped with bigger spring size, you can bounce higher in a rectangular trampoline. Complete with four-edges, you simply have more space, which provides you with room to do more tricks. Circular ones will limit your jumps towards the center, which can be a hindrance if you’re an athlete wishing to get more out of your bouncing.

Given the greater capacity, it’s no wonder those who want to make a career out of fitness (e.g. divers, gymnasts, and aerialists) prefer the 4-edged design over the circular one.

Best Results

If you’re a gymnast preparing for a competition, getting a circular trampoline will surely constrain your routine. In effect, it may limit your skills and your chances in winning. Making the most of a rectangular trampoline for sale could be just the opportunity you need.

While a circular one will be a lot safer for kids and the family, a rectangular one should sharpen your abilities. It’s exactly the reason rectangular trampolines are also called professional trampolines.

If anybody is egging you persistently to try out their Olympic trampoline, it’s highly-likely you’re going to meet a 10×17 rectangular one. Then again, there’s nobody stopping you from taking your bounce a notch higher. If you want better results, a bigger trampoline is best.