Green Funerals: Eco-Friendly Ways of Laying Loved One’s To Rest

Funeral Home PlanIn the past few years, the green initiative has permeated almost all aspects of life, from housing and food to the overall lifestyles we live. Recently, green burials have become a popular alternative for people looking to lay their loved one to rest in a more environmentally responsible way.

Croydon-based funeral experts sees green burials as an effective way of minimising the environmental impact of a funeral, while still providing their clients’ loved ones with a dignified service.

Green Burials

Green burials or natural burials came about in an attempt to be eco-friendlier even after death. According to National Geographic, a green burial is “either cremation or full-body burial with no embalming fluids and a biodegradable wooden box or shroud.”

In an effort to further reduce one’s carbon footprint, funeral home workers dig the gravesites manually. As a result, green burial graves tend to be shallower than traditional graves.

Eco-Friendly Solution

In a traditional burial, the deceased is embalmed and placed inside a casket. The casket is then enclosed in cement before the earth is piled on top. On the other hand, green burials forgo embalming and caskets. The goal is to return the body to the earth in its natural form.

Embalming delays this process, and caskets usually take years to degrade. However, to avoid the unpleasant side-effects of foregoing embalming, the body of the deceased must be buried sooner than in traditional methods.

Save the Environment, Save Money

Cost-wise, green burials are less expensive than traditional services. In Great Britain, the average price for traditional burials is a little over £5,000. In comparison, green burials usually cost considerably less than that, considering that the method necessitates fewer procedures and elements.

Although green burials are a relatively new phenomenon, more and more funeral planners across the country are making this a part of their service offerings. After all, the best way to leave this earth is by leaving it better than when you arrived.