Green Living: Eco-friendly Roofing Options

Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling an existing one, you should pay attention to your roof construction. Your choice of roofing materials affects your heating and cooling requirements, along with the environmental footprint of your house. Read on to learn more about eco-friendly roofing options.

Metal Roof

Metal roofing can decrease your energy costs. These roofs are available in granular coated and metallic finishes. They are also easy to recycle and are preferred for properties using rain-catching systems.

Painting your metal roof with a light color or light-reflecting pigment can make also it energy-efficient. This can increase its thermal emittance and solar reflectance, giving it a cool roof status.

Rubber Roofs

Also known as single-ply synthetic membrane, rubber roofing is ideal for flat or low-sloping roofs. They can be made from plastic or synthetic polymers, and are designed to work where asphalt shingles don’t perform well.

While rubber roofs are pricier than asphalt shingles, they are less likely to crumble during extreme weather conditions. These roofing materials also last longer and require less maintenance. Some roofing companies also offer warranty for up to 50 years, while some even provide lifetime warranty.

Slated roof

Slate Tiles

As one of the longest lasting roofing materials available, slate is a great option for your home. This roofing material can last for up to 150 years. It is made from natural stone, and its hard surface can withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong wind and heavy rains.

Unlike roofing materials made of wood, slate tiles are fire resistant. These are beneficial especially when there’s a risk of airborne sparks from house fires or wildfires. Exposure to natural elements will not affect the appearance or structure of the tiles.

Invest in the right roofing material that fits your budget and home structure. Contact a reliable roofing company to know more about environmentally friendly roofing options.