House Hunting 101: When Should You Check Out the House You Want to Buy?

Broker touring a couple in a house‘Location, location, location’ is the mantra you hear from real estate agents. Where your house is matters, but equally important is when you check it out.

Vary the times you visit the property to get a glimpse of what it is really like to live in the neighbourhood. With that, here are the best times of the day to check out a house before making a purchase:

Morning (8 AM–10 AM)

This is the time when people wake up and go about their day. Visiting the property during this time will help you determine just how busy things are at rush hour. Pay close attention to the children in the block.

If they are walking or riding their bikes, it means there are schools nearby and that it is safe for kids to be on their own. That could be a sign of a low crime rate in the community. Observe the professionals going out of their homes as well, so you will know the common mode of transportation to offices.

It is also best if you could drive from the home to the office, so you have a pretty good estimate just how bearable the traffic is. Check out the house and land packages around Donnybrook communities if you are looking for a location near key establishments.

Afternoon (3PM–5 PM)

This is usually when kids get out of school and parents arrive home from offices. See what children typically do after school. Do they go to parks or playgrounds? Do they hang out in cafes nearby?

This will give you an idea as to how your kids can socialise if ever you decide to live here. It is best to have your children with you when driving up to the neighbourhood at this hour, so they can be eased into the reality of moving.

Notice also what parents do at this time. Do they host barbecue parties in their backyards? Do they hang out at their porches waiting for the sunset? All these could give you a good idea how warm and peaceful the community is.

Evening (10 PM)

You want to know if you will be able to get sound sleep during this hour, so watch out for noises. Your next-door neighbour might be quiet all throughout the day, only to host loud, rowdy parties later in the night. See also how safe it feels to walk the streets during this time.

If you can go inside the house, too, do it. Your neighbour might have flickering or strong lights that could create an annoying glare into the master bedroom of the house you want to get.

The location of your house is important, but the time you visit the location also matters. Visit the home you are eyeing multiple times of the day before buying it.