How a Translation Error Creates Problems for Your Business

How a Translation Error Creates ProblemsWhen HSBC Bank launched a campaign, the original slogan was ‘Assume Nothing’. The translation in other countries became, ‘Do Nothing’. To repair the damage, the bank had to spend $10 million in rebranding. Translation mistakes cause more than miscommunication. In commerce, such errors lead to problems beyond the bottom line.

Global Opportunities and Communication

Your company may not expand to other countries, yet. But as your organisation grows and competition becomes tougher in local markets, your future plans are likely to include reaching out to international markets.

The online world, with its powerful influence, is not the only driver to this development. An increasingly global economy, where U.S. or European companies enter Asian territories, also propels the need for international expansion. And a key component to ensuring a success is an accurate translation.

Lingua Technologies International share that multilingual translations are effective for communicating to a worldwide audience. Accurate translation enables your business to ‘talk’ to consumers in their own language, so you can successfully cater to any market.

Protecting Your Reputation

Accurate translation is not just a means to capture global consumers, and from it, achieve lucrative results. It also maintains your company’s image. Gaffes in translation, whether it is an advertising campaign or a business communication, can damage your reputation.

An inaccurate translation on your product packaging, marketing materials or online content can affect what consumers think about your business. Some consumers may have a sensitivity to certain words. A mistranslation can put your business in a negative light, particularly where cultural differences exist.

With certain companies, a single error in translation could also cause injuries or, in extreme circumstances, lives. When your company manufactures machines, you need to make sure of accurate translation for manuals. This prevents accidents and lawsuits that will damage your reputation.