How to Commemorate a Departed Loved One Distinctively

CommemorateLosing a loved one brings out the most tragic emotions from people. There is a good reason why everyone has to go through the five stages of loss and grief at this point. Although losing a special someone is never easy, sharing the same grief with other people allows individuals to accept the loss with less anguish. By dedicating special tributes and acts of commemoration for the dearly departed, those who are left behind are assured that part of the person remains in their lives.

Here are three exceptional ways you can honour a lost loved one.

  1. Organise a tribute.

With personality

It does not have to be grandiose or exclusive — the most important thing to consider is their personality. You want people to know the beautiful person your loved one was, and this should reflect on the type of tribute that you will have, says.

Remember Their Life

Wear his or her favourite shirt, or ask everyone to come in a colour that he or she would love. Ask his or her closest friends, colleagues, and family to give out testimonials. Add their favourite songs or poems that are about their life. Present memorabilia that will remind everyone of the person being honoured. You can coordinate with the funeral service if you want this held in a special place, so that the remains will be transported without any problem.

Initiate Honouring Remarks

Depending on what they mostly spent his or her life on, make a toast, consider a round of applause, or raise your fist in honour of their passion and values. Finish off with a moment of silence in memory to recognise their passing.

  1. Establish an edifice in memory of your loved one.

A memorial bench, tree, vine, shrine, or any form of structure can be a great way to preserve a loved one’s presence in a particular area. Putting up a business named after the person is also a great idea. There are plenty of creative ways to do this.

  1. Set an annual date for commemorating the person and dedicate that day in an activity that would involve other people in a way they would have loved.

If your dearly departed is a fan of charities and goodwill, you can dedicate his or her birthday or death anniversary to charity work. If he or she was a musician, you can organise a mini concert, a gathering of his colleagues, or probably an annual jamming session for his band mates. Spend an intimate picnic at their favourite park, or dine out at a restaurant where you used to go during special occasions.

The sky is the limit, and reliving old memories with your deceased loved one has no boundaries.