How To “Give Away” the Right Way

People planning a promotional giveaway to raise brand awareness With hundreds of items available in the market, there are many promotional items you can choose from. From refrigerator magnets to key chains, ordinary citizens see and use these everyday things. The search for custom promotional products could be a daunting task. How can you utilise these items and make your consumers remember your message?

Pass the Message

Have you ever played the game Pass the Message? One sentence is passed on from one person to the other until it reaches the last person. Most of the time, the message gets lost. With advertising, there has to be one core message that is consistent with all the ads and materials that you use. Before even thinking of any gift as a giveaway, ask yourself first, what do I want to say? What do I want my consumers to remember about my product? Doing this will also help you plan your budget.

If the Shoe Fits

Amazon once organised an event, in conjunction with the printing company, for senior citizens. The giveaway was laughable; it was a small retractable rake that may be used to reach your back for scratching. Nonetheless, this “back scratcher” was such a hit among the target audience.

Innovate and Create

It wouldn’t hurt to try something innovative and different from what your customers are accustomed too. From cassette tapes to USB devices, something new is being created each day.

Especially for You

Giving away your item to everyone who walks in your shop may give the impression that your item is very cheap. Your giveaway should be something that is for a select group. This will make them feel special. Having custom promotional products that are useful for your target market and not just readymade materials goes a long way.

A giveaway can do a lot for your brand. If you keep in mind these tips, getting your message across, creating a call to action and increasing awareness and loyalty are attainable goals. A reliable supplier is also a key ingredient in your promotional tactic. A small giveaway can be a tool for success.